Monday, November 14, 2011

A house for Legos

I went shopping this weekend with a couple of friends from work.  We headed up to St. Paul to check out some stores.  It was fun, I would for sure go back some time.  One of the stores we went to was Penzeys Spices.  Have you heard of it?  My friend Katie orders from there and really likes their products.  I was excited to visit one.  By the time I walked out of there I felt like my nose holes were on fire.  The smell was so strong.  Some of them I didn't care for but a lot smelled so good.  One of my favorites was the Chicago steak seasoning.  I put it on our steaks tonight and it really added some good flavor.  I wonder if my family members would like some for Christmas..I know I would be excited to get a box full!  Check out their website, the prices are pretty reasonable too.
We also stopped at Ikea.  That store can be dangerous because of all the different things and the lower prices.  I have been wanting something to house the boys' legos since there are so many of them, they always play with them, they are always all over the place, and even my Dyson has enjoyed some of them!  Here was the area in their room I was looking to clean up.  Brace yourselves...

Isn't that terrible?  It's one of the first things you see when you walk in their room.  Icky site!  So Dane and Cody got to work.  We brought in the box and they started to put it together.

Next Brady and I put together the black boxes I bought to house all of the legos.  These are really nice and sturdy.  They zip up at the bottom and have a sturdy bottom cover so nothing falls through and they don't lose their shape.  They also have a cloth lip on them for easy pulling in and out of the cubes.  Good deal for $4.99 each.

Grandma, I don't think we need any more legos for Christmas this year!  Brady would say we do but oh my goodness that's a lot of legos!  Those boxes are 12x13 inches and 3 are more than half full of legos.

So here it is, all completed and put in it's place.  I have to say, much more enjoyable to look at when I come into their room.  Maybe those boxes will prevent Dyson from snacking on legos!


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