Monday, January 30, 2012

Oreos and skating

Is there anyone out there that doesn't love oreo cookies?  I think it's been one of my favorites for as long as I can remember.  Dipped in an ice cold glass of milk...who's running to the store to get some?
A lady asked me if I would make her some oreo cupcakes to try.  I had never made this kind but was kind of excited.  I mean, one of my very favorite cookies crushed and blended into a cupcake??  Yep, I am on it!
Want to see them?  Do you have your glass of milk ready?  Ok then!

Now because I was overly excited to bake with oreo cookies, I over bought at the store.  I had all of these lonely oreo cookies just sitting there staring at me.  Or were they staring at my hips?  I had to think of something else to do with these cookies.  I remembered on a blog I love to read, picky-palate, she makes these oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies!  Yes, you read that correct, oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies.
First you start out with your favorite chocolate chip cookie dough recipe.

Easy now, don't sit and eat all of this dough.  You need it for your cookies!
You need a bag of mini oreo cookies and a small scoop.

I didn't use a full mini scoop of dough, I probably did a half scoop.  You want the oreo and the baked cookie to be close to the same size.  If there is a little extra cookie on the edges once it's done, just think of it as a little bonus.

My assistant Brady helped me out on the camera shots here.  See how I set the oreo on top of the cookie scoop?  See the one in my hand?  I am going to put that one on top and smoosh it all around the oreo until it's fully covered.

 Sorry, we're a little blurry here, photographer in training.  Repeat on the rest of the cookies until all chocolate chip dough is used up, or eaten up...whatever you prefer.

Baked and ready for milk!

Now these are made with the mini oreo cookies.  Just think what you can do with the regular size oreos!  Jenny from makes some mouth watering cookies and desserts.  It's on my favorites for sure!

Living in Minnesota we have outdoor skating rinks all over the place.  Cody loves them because when it gets dark out, the lights come on and he can skate under the lights.  I like them because you can go  at whatever time of the day you want and they are free.  Some even have warming houses for when you get cold.  Nice perk huh?  This weekend we went skating.  We called Grandpa and invited him along.  Cody was the only one on skates, the rest of us were in boots.  Still fun!

Cody going 100 mph...yes, his pads are on the outside of his pants.  He didn't want to wear any socks or pants over his pads for some reason this time.
Brady was the goalie.  He wanted me to enhance his photo a bit and this is what he liked.

The game.  I stayed on the outside of the boards.  I had my camera in my hands and the last thing I wanted to do was slip on the ice and crush it.

 I am not sure what they were doing.  See the tennis ball?  I wonder what they are looking at?

Grandpa got checked on the ice, he went down and this is what happened...Seconds before the photo was taken, Brady was beating on him...disorderly conduct.

Just kidding!!  Someone else must have gotten hurt because there was a nice blood spot on the ice.  Kind of gross don't you think?  Of course my father wanted his picture taken by the blood...only him!


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