Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

What a nice night in Minnesota for trick-or-treating!  There were so many kids out tonight running door to door.  My kitchen counter looks like something from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  I am going to have to pace the boys with this load or we'll have rotten teeth for sure. 

Neighbors were so generous with hand outs this year.  I think they were all happy to open their doors and not have sleet or snow coming in this year.  The boys wanted to dress in something scary of course.  I think my days of dressing them up like chickens and cowboys are over.  I love seeing the little girls in their pretty princess outfits and their daddy's pulling them in their little wagons.  They are so cute!

Here we are with a pose from my scary skeletons.  Cody found his outfit at Target this year and Brady got creative with his.  He has his football pads on under one of his dad's t-shirts.  Paired with a black pair of sweat pants and we have a scary linebacker ready to hunt down some candy!

Makes me laugh.  With the size of those pads on Brady, Cody looks very tiny standing next to him.  They both wore their masks for about 4 houses and then they ended up in my pocket to carry.  It gets hard to see through those at night when it's dark out.

Finally a family picture at the end of our night of fun.  I've got to have someone show me how to get rid of that camera flash in the window behind our picture.  Seems like every time I take one at night, we are a lot of times in front of a door or window. 


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