Monday, October 17, 2011

Sometimes I just don't know about those boys!

Day one of the work week down.  Seems like we dread Mondays the most, well I do anyways.  It's a short week for us though this week with the boys having MEA at school.  I am really looking forward to the short week.  Brady had conferences tonight.  They were really good.  He's exceeding the expectations his teacher has for him so far this year so that's good.  Cody didn't have conferences....he did however let me know that, "today was a bad day".  I asked why and he said this girl that chases him kissed him on the lips today.  He just smiled...I asked why that was bad and he said he didn't know.  Guess I'll have to see where the teacher is at when this is happening because at 6, I don't think it's a good idea to be starting that..of course, how can a little girl resist this??

The other day I was doing some work in the kitchen and sent the boys to play in their room for a while.  They were in there for quite a while getting along really well....almost too well.  Usually someone always comes out screaming but instead, just as I am getting ready to go in and check on them I turn around I see this:

Really!?!  What kid does this?  Is this normal??  He looks like he should be from some 1985 bad cop tv show that left the air after a couple of showings.  I about died when I saw this, and then ran for my camera....Cody comes flying out too to show me his scary cop face.  He's so proud because he did it ALL by himself...observe:

I have to say I was a little scared of this one.  It took a lot of soap to clean this boy's face! Sometimes I just don't know about those boys!

That's all for tonight, a little more homework, a laundry change and then my comfy bed for sweet dreams.

Doesn't this look like the kind of snack you'd like to have before bed in your warm flannel pj pants?  Brrr, it's cold outside tonight!

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