Friday, December 16, 2011

A fun, busy Friday

What a busy day!  I had the day off of work today because I have to work tomorrow morning.  Usually I take 3 hours of comp time but instead I took the whole day off.  I got all of my gifts wrapped up, did some baking, did some laundry, helped the boys with a craft, and picked up a pizza for dinner.

This is the theme this year for my gifts.  I did bright paper this year and love it!

Cute huh?  I love green and blue together, probably my two favorite colors. 

The boys are taking "snowman soup" to school for all of their classmates.  I found the idea on pinterest.  I have seen many different versions of it.  For our soup, we took a packet of hot chocolate, two mint hersey's kisses, a mini candy cane, and a few marshmallows.  I added a snowflake stamp into the bag for a little added touch and the boys had their station all set up to assemble the little gifts. 

I love how they turned out.  IF I had more time and they boys had less classmates, I would probably add a little ribbon bow to the top but I don't have time to attach that many bows...and really, they would probably be ripped off before getting home for their family members to see anyways.

I was asked by a friend to bake some cupcakes for her little boy's 2nd birthday tomorrow.  I haven't baked cupcakes in a while and it was kind of fun.  Sports theme was requested so that's what I did...

Yes, those are suppose to be little golf balls on the grass.  I am the least excited about those.  Oh well, for someone that isn't a professional, I didn't think they were THAT bad.  With a little extra orange frosting from the basketballs, I made the boys their own little cupcake as well. 

Of course both mouths were stained bright orange!!


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