Monday, December 12, 2011

Monster Trucks

What a fabulous weekend!  We were busy busy.  Saturday morning we started out at hockey practice bright and early.  It was "moms on the ice" day and I survived.  Dane said I hardly moved at all.  My response to that was, 1. I don't want to fall and get injured, and 2. The kids are quite small and don't move that fast either. 

See?  Looking good I think!  Helmet hair and all, I was out there participating in my little boy's favorite sport. 
After getting home, the hockey boy showering and me fluffing my hair back up, we were headed for the cities.  Overnight bags packed, tickets and camera in the purse, and two over the moon excited boys in the van...we were off!
We first checked in at our hotel where we met up with another family.  The Felt's.  They have two boys that are pretty close to Brady and Cody's age.  All 4 boys ready for hotel swimming and monster trucks.

Cody loves those mid-air photos of him jumping into the pool.  He always gets right out so I can show him on my camera how they turned out.  Silly boy!

He tells me he's been labeled in his class as the "class clown".  Hmm...yah think?  That boy that was so shy to make friends now is the one that makes everyone smile and giggle every day.  I love it!

I took over 100 pictures on Saturday.  Hard to choose which ones from the monster trucks to show you.  The boys went crazy over the ones that rolled and lost tires.  It was so dusty in there I thought my eye lids were going to stick open.  We had our first experience on the light rail in Minneapolis.  A bit on the scary side.  Dane said he felt like he needed a shower once we got off.  Oh Dane!

I was too nervous to ask anyone to take a picture of all of us with my camera so that's why I am not in it.  Gee, does Cody look overly excited to you?  His dad bought him that stocking hat, he thinks he looks really cool wearing it.  I think so too.

We had such a great time, the boys have already asked if we could go again next year.

You can see the dust in the air!


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