Sunday, January 8, 2012

Algae Eater?

Oh wow, it's been a while since I posted.  Sorry!  I guess the time has gotten away from me.  Or maybe it's because I just haven't really done anything too fun in the last few days??  I did have to show you what I saw driving home from work one day last week.  I grabbed my camera and took the picture....

Isn't it amazing?  It's the colors in the rainbow, just in a sunset...after 5:00pm, we still had light in the sky.  And no snow on the January!  In Minnesota! 
This weekend I got a little done around the house.  Cody had hockey practice and Brady started his archery.  He loves shooting his bow and can hardly wait to go out hunting with his Grandpa.  He told me he's most excited to go because he can go all by himself with his Grandpa and leave Cody home.  It's good for them both to get alone time with friends or family members.  I know I enjoy that ever so often chance to spend an hour or two just with one of them alone. 
With this weird temperature outside and seeing the sun in the late afternoon, I am already thinking of Valentines Day.  I made my first card already last week with some magnets to match.  I already sent them to my friend too because I couldn't wait another month.  I hope she likes them. 

The outside.

The inside.

Lately I have been really getting into my craft room and taking it all in.  I have been looking through different idea books, roaming the craft store, and of course looking almost every day on pinterest.  I don't enjoy being outside when it's cold, and I am a tad afraid of the dark so it doesn't leave me much choice this time of year.  That's ok though, you'll never find me in there during the summer months so a few months out of the year isn't so bad I don't think.

Our algae eater died I thought.  We've have him for over 4 years.  I am a little nervous it's because we bought a new goldfish today to add to the tank.  I can't believe that would make a difference but I don't know.  In the last couple of weeks, he's been coming to the top when I feed the goldfish and eating a lot of the food.  He's never done that before so maybe that's it.  I always threw in his food every few days because they say not to feed them every day since they get the algae from the tank.  Maybe he od'd on goldfish food?  Poor guy, Cody told me he felt bad.  We threw him into the toilet and his tail started to go back and forth.  They both screamed that he was still alive and what's a mom to do?!  I stuck my hand down into the toilet water, grabbed him, and threw him back into the fish tank.  Of course they both screamed "EEEEWWW!" when I did the hero.  What??  The toilet had been flushed and from what I could tell, it was clear, not yellow...  Algae eater is now dead I believe, but he's still in the tank.  We'll see where
he's floating in the morning.


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