Sunday, May 27, 2012

A hot weekend

Holy buckets it was a hot one out there today!  My van read 93 degrees this afternoon.  We still managed to be outside most of the day.  I finally got my garden planted today.  I had to go buy more tomato plants thanks to a little furry friend that has been visiting us on our deck. 

See the little black container?  That held 4 little cherry tomato plants.  He chewed them off until there was nothing left.  Then when he was finished with those, he was clearly still hungry.  See where it looks like the box has been ripped away on the one end?  That must have been his dessert!

Silly rabbit!  He's just a little guy too.  I can't believe he came up all of those steps on the deck.  He must have a good nose to smell those tomato plants.  I left the box out there for tonight.  I wonder if he'll come back and have some more desert?

We sat outside at the ball field today and watched my brother play baseball.  There was a really nice breeze so it really wasn't too bad.  Jim got a couple of really nice hits and ended up beating the other team 10-1.  It was kind of a boring game but gave us something to do on this holiday weekend.  Jim had a nice base hit in this picture.

Cody found a rope swing down at a graduation party we went to yesterday.  He was in Heaven.  Who would think a homemade rope swing with a little broken 2x4 could entertain a 6-year old like that.

He only fell off of it a couple of times before he gave up and moved on to something else.
We've got smiles from this one again too!

I'm so glad to be getting my boy back.  In two days he has read 2 books from start to finish.  He's on a roll.  He's already on his 3rd of the series, "Diary of a Whimpy Kid".  Brady loves to read.  He's a really fast reader too.  I can get through a book pretty fast as well as long as I'm liking it.

For fun, tonight I made chocolate chip cupcakes.  Don't tell anyone but I ate 2.  Why do I do this to myself?  I have been really bad with eating healthy and getting in exercise.  I was doing so well for a while and got distracted with other things like I always do.  We moved, I had vacation and unpacked, Brady got I see the athletic club pool is open.  Maybe it's just time to go buy a bigger swim suit and be somewhat satisfied with the way I am.  You only get one life right?  Why be unhappy with the way you look every single day?

So what if I had two cupcakes tonight.  It was my after dinner dessert!  The rabbit got to have dessert.  I
If you were here, you'd have one too...or maybe two.


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