Sunday, July 29, 2012

Brady's team wins the tournament

Brady's baseball season is now over.  He started out a little on the rocky side this season with having mono and missing three weeks of ball. Once his coaches gave him a chance on that pitching mound though, he was on a roll.  He pitched every single game after that until the end of the season.  Most of the time pitching two innings, sometimes just one.  It really boosted his self esteem and he was actually looking forward to baseball on the nights he played. 

Brady's team made it to the playoffs and had their weekend tournament last weekend.  Can you believe it, they won the whole thing!  They never lost a game.

I think these boys felt like they had just won the world series.  This was huge for these 10-year old boys.  For being their first year in the majors, they were all smiles.

 Accepting his 1st place trophy.

Brady found me right after the game, saw me with my camera in hand and gave me that smile of, "I can't believe we really did it!"  So proud of all of these boys.  They worked so hard as a team, encouraged each other and kept positive attitudes through out the whole tournament.  There were tears though, from the other team.  Oh that breaks my heart!  It could have been our boys and in sports, that's always the hard part.  Someone always has to lose and being the losing team stinks.

Did I mention how hot it was that weekend?  I thought we were all going to die of heat stroke.  See the wetness on Brady's shirt?  No, that isn't from a water bottle, that is sweat.

Even Gammy made it to the game.  She's going to kill me after she sees this picture of her on my blog but I think it's a pretty good picture.  She doesn't do well in the heat at all, she gets dizzy and feels sick but she did it.  She was there supporting her great-grandson, sweating to death like the rest of us.  Thanks for coming Gammy!

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