Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Cody

Seven years ago tonight I was tucking in my 3-year old, saying good night to my only son for the last time.  Tomorrow morning Dane and I would be dropping Brady off at daycare and heading to the hospital to have Cody.  I can't believe my baby is seven already.

We welcomed you on a Tuesday morning.  I had a scheduled c-section.  It didn't go quite according to plan.  My body didn't really like the spinal that was given to me and I could feel everything the doctor was doing.  They had to gas me, making me fall asleep and missing one of the most important and precious moments of my life, your birth.  You struggled a little bit when they pulled you out.  I was told afterwards that you had to stay under the lights and get a little help with your breathing.  It wasn't long though and I was waking up and the nurse was rushing you over to me, placing you safely in my arms.  I remember my first words to you, "Hi punkin, I'm your mommy...." and I cried.  You were beautiful.  You were a perfect golden color, nice and plump.  You looked so much like your daddy, soft blonde hair, a cute little chin, and dark blue eyes.  You were mine, and I was so proud to be yours.

I couldn't wait for Brady to meet you.  For 3 years he was my whole world.  He went everywhere with me, we were best buddies and now he was going to have to share me with you.  Your brother was so proud of you.  He never once acted jealous of you, was never naughty to get my attention away from you, he was the best big brother to you and best big helper to me.

He loved you just as much as the rest of us.  So many people came up to meet you.  Everyone that came got to hold you.  They brought you cute little clothes, really soft blankets, and sappy cards that I still have for you to read some day if you want.

Bringing you home was almost delayed because you weren't latching on to mommy and wanted/needed food.  You were a growing boy and that little tiny bit that I was trying to give you just wasn't enough.  After the doctor told me you were going to have to stay another day I caved and gave you a bottle.  I cried and cried because I felt like I had let you down, that my milk was so important to give to you.... but looking at you sucking the crap out of that bottle, I knew that's what you needed and my heart felt good knowing that you were happy getting that milk in your belly, even if it was formula milk.  You even sucked on a bottle while we got you ready to come home, all you wanted to do was eat...and eat...and eat...

Brady picked out that blanket for you a few days before you were born.  He wanted you to have it in the hospital to keep you warm on your ride home.  We still have that blanket packed away in your tote for you to look at some day along with that little outfit you wore home from the hospital.

Brady was so gentle.  He gave you your first bottle in your new home.  Looking back at this picture, your eyes locking with his, it makes my heart melt.  You two were meant to be brothers, buddies that would end up playing together, getting into trouble together, and occasionally beating on each other.  Daddy helped burp you so you didn't get a tummy ache and then just laid you on his lap so he could look at you....perfect little you.

Happy Birthday Cody!  You are one little wild boy that makes us smile and laugh every single day!  Just tonight when I was telling you about going to the hospital to have you and telling you how they stuck needles in me to make sure I couldn't feel my belly you said, "Hey I remember that!  They poked me in the head with one of those needles and I cried in your belly!"

I'm so proud to be your mom and I can't wait to celebrate your birthday with you tomorrow!

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