Sunday, August 12, 2012

A s'more treat without the fire

The weather is amazing today.  It's 65 degrees outside, it's gloomy, it's chilly, it's perfect for a lazy day Sunday.  Dane took Brady to the Twin's game today.  My dad picked up Cody to go hiking in the woods.  I am alone.  I have worked for 12 days straight and needed a Kelly day.  It feels like Fall and I have all the windows open to let that crisp fresh air in.  To celebrate the day, I added a little Fall color to my counter top.

I've got the itch pretty badly to start decorating for Fall but I am trying really hard to hold off at least until the end of the month when I am on vacation for a week.  It's very tempting to bring those Fall colors into my house but I am holding off.

I have worked hard today to get my house cleaned.  I have said goodbye to quite a few dust bunnies.  What's nice about cleaning today?  Since cleaning 3 hours ago, each room is still just as clean as it was 3 hours ago!  Soon the family will be home and it will all look like "home" again.  Oh well.

I made some bars today.  After talking to my brother's girlfriend Shelby, I flew off my couch and dug through my pantry to see what I could find.  She was making s'more bars.  If that doesn't make your mouth water...  So I got busy.

Melt your 16oz bag of marshmallows until nice and smooth.  I added in 2 Tbs of butter to my marshmallows.

 Next I crushed up some graham crackers, about 3 full crackers.  I should have taken them out of the bag and put them in a cup for you to see better, sorry.

 1/2 cup of mini chocolate chips.

6 cups of rice krispies.

First add the rice krispies to the marshmallows.  After combined, add in the graham crackers.  Last, add in the chocolate chips and stir really quick!

The are soft, gooey, and taste like Heaven.  Just close your eyes and pretend you are sitting by the camp fire in your over-sized sweatshirt eating that warm, amazing s'more.

What does Cody do when I tell him I have a treat for him?


Hope you enjoy them as much as we did.  Pin It

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