Friday, August 3, 2012

Under the Sea

The other day the boys and I headed up to the Mall of America.  We had plans to visit the underwater world, I think they call it something different now though.  It was our first experience down there.  What a neat place.  Who would have thought they would have all of these live creatures under a huge shopping mall?

We pet some starfish.

There was one little ride down there that Brady wanted to check out.  So in we went for the ride through the underwater rail road.  I was motion sick the rest of the time at the mall.  Don't laugh!  This tummy just can't take rides anymore for some reason.

I have never seen jelly fish up close like this and I have to say they were probably my favorite.  I didn't change a single thing in this picture as far as color goes, this is how the picture turned out.  Isn't that neat?

I wanted to take this little fella out of the tank and hold him.  He was so cute!

All the pictures turned out a little on the blurry side.  I am not sure if it was because I turned the flash off or what.  I really should take a class or two to learn about my camera a bit more.  I know it's capable of doing so much more, I just don't have the patience to figure it out. 

Hello Nemo!  I wonder how many people walk past this tank every day and yell the name Nemo at the glass.  I bet a lot.

I took this picture right after I asked Brady if we could go into a couple of clothing stores.  What do you think his answer was?

I am sure you can guess!  Nite! Pin It

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