Saturday, September 8, 2012

A pumpkin picture

It was football Saturday today.  Funny, I sat outside in a hooded sweatshirt and jeans and have a sun burned face.  The wind was cool but Brady said he loved it.  I am sure it is a lot easier to play hard when it's not horribly hot. 

Let's play some football!

Our boys won their first game of the season today, 27-6.  Brady was so excited.  They are always a bit nervous for that first game but they did great.  Our coaches do a really good job.  Seems like everyone is right where they should be as far as positions go.  Brady played almost the entire game.  He loved every minute of it.  We already can't wait for next week.

I wanted to share a new craft project I made.  I found it on pinterest several months ago and saved it.  I had everything at home that I needed to make this.  Everyone has an old 8x10 photo frame.  I do a lot of card making so I always have a ton of craft paper on hand.  Speaking of cards, I should really get back into that.  I loved making cards and giving them to friends and family.  Add that to the list of to-do's right? 

Since I knew I was going to make this, I had a friend keep an eye out at the second hand shops for a used scrabble game.  She found me two, both at around $1.50 each. 
First I took the glass out of the frame.  I then cut a piece of burlap fabric I already had on hand and glued that into the frame.  Next I took a bunch of different craft paper and cut out the pumpkins on my cricut machine.  I glued them to the burlap and then added the letters.  It was so easy to make and looks adorable on my end table next to my couch.



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