Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Decorating on a budget

I've started decorating for Fall.  I can't help it.  I think it's ok to start at the beginning of September.  I think it's personal preference of when you start decorating.  I started asking my girlfriends at the beginning of August if they would think I was weird if I started getting my pumpkins and scarecrows out.  They told me it was too early and that I needed to still enjoy the summer.  So I did.  I waited until this last weekend to get my things out.  You know what happens every year though?  I open my totes all full of excitement to find a bunch of decorations that are blah.  Then I get this itch to go out shopping for new decorations only to find either things that are so tacky and ugly or way more than I want to spend.  So then I go home and get on that handy pinterest site I love so much and search for ideas. 

Candy corn.  Sitting so cute up on top of my cupboards next to my mason jar I painted a mustard yellow.  I was in a super cute craft store a couple of weeks ago and came across these adorable candy corn decorations and fell in love.  I wanted them.  Only problem was they were so expensive.  To buy all three sizes, I would have had to spend $42.  There was no way I could spend that on one set of candy corn.  They were styrofoam cones wrapped in yarn.  I could do this.  I went to the fabric store, bought the cones, found the thickest wool yarn I could find and started wrapping.  I pinned the yarn to the cones to hold them in place.  They were done in no time and I made all three for under $20.  I made two sets for myself, my brother's girlfriend made a set, and I made one more for a friend of mine.  These are so easy to whip up, anybody can make them.

Aren't they cute?  I didn't go with a bright white or bright yellow.  I wanted to tone the colors down to more of a natural candy corn look.  I love them. 

Next I needed something on top of my hutch in my dining room next to this lonely witch I had placed up there.  I took 4x4 blocks my dad had cut for me a few years ago and painted them chocolate brown.

Next I took some stencils I already had and some cream color paint and made me a Harvest sign.

You like?  Me too!  I had to prop them up a bit because the top of my hutch has molding around the edge that sits up a bit higher.  Under the blocks is some old tupperware covered in some burlap fabric.  The best part of this decoration was the part that is was free, well already paid for a few years ago.  You can go to Menards or Home Depot and get a 4x4 piece of wood for pretty cheap.  If you can find a nice fella, or yourself to cut the blocks, you've for endless ideas of what you can make for cute little signs. 


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