Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mono bites.

This mono crud is really for the birds.  I take two steps forward to again, take one step back.  I felt like poo all day again today.  These darn headaches just aren't wanting to go away.  Have you ever had mono?  How long did yours last?  Sitting at my desk today I had my heater on, then I switched to my fan, then back to my heater.  I was a trooper though, I lasted the whole day at work feeling like I was going to vomit from my headache.  Dane took the boys to football tonight so I could rest.  We ordered a pizza.  There was no way I was cooking tonight.  Mono bites. 

I am getting ready to host a baby shower at my house next weekend.  Dane's sister and her husband are expecting a little boy in November.  I can hardly wait to be an Aunt.  Finally I will get to have that title behind my name.  My boys are beyond excited to be cousins, a first for them as well.  They have second cousins but no first.  It will be a lot of fun to have a little baby around again.  It's been 7 years since we've had one.

I am working on a few fun decorations for the party that I'll be sharing with you soon.  I am sure I'll be working on them right up until the night before so it might be a bit before you see them.  I love parties though.  I love to play hostess, I love to serve yummy food, and I love company.

I made another Fall decoration last weekend.  Brady helped me position the buttons just right and I love how it turned out.

 I took an old 8x10 frame I already had removing the glass.  I framed a piece of scrapbook paper in the frame.  Next I cut a piece of cream colored burlap fabric and glued it in the middle of the frame.  I already had a whole bunch of orange buttons to work with.  Dane calls my craft room the "crap" room.  Look at all of these really neat holiday decorations I can make from materials I already have.  If I was going to buy this in a store, it would probably cost me at least $10 don't you think?  I made this picture for way cheaper than that.  I love it when I can make something for dirt cheap!

I took some glue dots and started gluing the buttons down once I had the pumpkin shape I wanted, finishing with a few green buttons for the stem.

I still need a lot of practice with my camera.  I don't have it all figured out just quite yet.  Sorry for the blurry picture.  One of these days I'll read up on some tutorials and watch some youtube videos on how to better use my camera.

Tomorrow is Friday, tomorrow we will wake up with smiles on our face right?  I know I will.


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  1. Jaka ładna dynia. Jesteś bardzo zdolna. Pozdrawiam, Dorota

  2. Thank you Dorothy! Thank you for your comment "in Polish"! :) Very easy to translate I might add... Glad you like it!


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