Monday, November 5, 2012


Happy Halloweenie!  Is it just me or do these little holidays fly right by?  What a nice night we had to trick-or-treat.  The boys came home with big pillow cases full of candy.  They hardly pick at it anymore...even to them maybe it's too much.  I have Cody brainwashed that sugar is no good for him.  Ha!  Is that bad?  I have had to talk to him about eating sugar.  He even tells the moms at birthday parties that he goes to that he can't have the cake because the sugar makes him too hyper.  Funny!  So we talk about that before he goes to the party on how it's ok to have the cake with his friends.  Honestly I don't know how much he likes cake.  Me?  I could eat a piece of cake every day.  I don't, but I could.

With help from his mom, Brady turned into the Joker for Halloween.  We didn't even need a wig!

And then we had a ninja.  I think the only reason Cody wanted to be a ninja was because he got to carry a new sword.  The thing with dress up clothes and Cody, he will wear them until they no longer fit or they rip.  You will find him out in the yard playing in his costumes.  He for sure gets my moneys worth out of them.

Getting ready to trick-or-treat with friends.  Look at Brady's pose.  Makes me giggle.  Don't look at the dead plant.  I pulled that out this weekend.  I thought it gave the house a "scary" look.

Here we have the retired North Star player walking with the retired cheer leader.  Funny!

Peter is getting bigger and cuter by the day.  Do you think Danelle would notice if I quickly put him in my car and drove away?

Cody is in love with his new little cousin.  He did such a good job holding him.  He wouldn't give him back to me and I was going through withdrawals!

Sleeping with his mouth open.  He looks like his momma....I wonder if she sleeps with her mouth open too?

Gotta get the funny pictures while you can.  Before you know it, they won't let you do these silly things to them!  Oh I could just eat this little boy up!!  I can't wait to see him again.  This weekend didn't work out with our boys not feeling so hot.  We had to stay away.  We'll see him soon enough though.

Brady went to the eye doctor today.  Thankfully, he does not need glasses at this time.  He will in the future though the doctor said.  Glasses wouldn't be the end of the world I know but for him, he didn't want them.  I suppose you get used to them on your face, I have no idea.  My eyes are pretty close to perfect, Dane's are as well.  We are very lucky and very thankful.

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