Monday, October 22, 2012

We've got a baby!

We've got a new baby!  He's here!  Peter Damian was born Sunday evening, October 21st.  Over 3 weeks early, he gave us all a little scare.  He's beautiful, he's perfect, I am in love and I want to steal him.

We went to the hospital to see him tonight.  It was so hard not to get to hold him.  He has a little feeding tube and is in the special baby unit getting extra special attention.  He's adorable.  His new Aunt is going to spoil him like crazy...all 7lbs, 1oz of him.  He's got some dark hair and cute little fingers.  I'll be checking him all over when he comes home.  Mom and dad will get dismissed from the hospital tomorrow but little Peter will have to stay a bit to make sure he can eat.  Mom will be staying to keep feeding him.  His little punkin hat is a tad big but just perfect on him.  Brady and Cody are so excited to finally have a cousin.  We've got a cute one!

Football season is now over.  We are waiting...well relaxing before hockey starts in a couple of weeks.  We get one full weekend off from sports and the next one starts.

I am undecided if I should save the football pants or toss them.  What do you think?

I think we are on the same page....toss I'd say.  Those boys played hard.  They were full of bruises, Brady more than Cody, and thought they were the coolest things ever.  I've got a picture of Cody holding his medal on my phone.  I'll try to get that downloaded soon.  He's informed us that he's not playing football next year. He didn't care for it too much and would like to just stick with hockey and possibly baseball.  I'm glad our boys are interested in trying different sports.  They are really important to me, they get great exercise, they learn to follow rules and direction, and they make great friends.

Hard to believe this is my baby.  Isn't he the cutest when he sleeps?  I love that he lays on his hands like that.  I do the same thing.

Sorry for the delay in updates....with football practice, homework, dinners, housework and working 40 hours a week, it can be a tricky challenge to find computer time.

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