Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sweet Sunday

How do these weekends go by so fast?  We stayed home all day today, a perfect Sunday.  It felt so good to have no plans and to stay in our house where it was nice and warm.  The boys, however, did not stay in the house.  They were begging to go outside at 7:30 this morning.  They love being outside.  They are still adjusting to the fact that they can't wear shorts every day anymore.  They were outside in jeans and sweatshirts today.

Crazy Cody.  I told him he had to wear a hat outside and this is how he came out.  Brady always has to make some weird face in the background of a picture.  Silly boys!

Down in the woods right off of our backyard.  Brady with the toy gun, Cody with the broom.  Usually this would be the other way around but for some reason, Cody wanted to be the cleaner.  It didn't take long though after I took this picture for Cody to take over the gun and for Brady to start organizing their fort.   I love that they have this little area behind our house...and I love that I can open my deck door and hear their funny little conversations.

Leaves are changing.  Lots of trees are already bright orange, red, and yellow.  Our big trees in our backyard are barely half way there.  I love the fall but am so not ready for the cold winter.  Yesterday was a nice taste of the freezing cold.  It was just under 50 degrees at the football fields and I felt like my whole body was going to have frost bite.  I had to go to the van with 6 minutes remaining in Brady's game.  I just couldn't take it anymore.  I gave up my blanket to a little boy on Cody's team that was crying because he was so cold.  He sat out and couldn't play because he was just too cold.  His parents weren't there and he didn't even have a jacket with him.  I couldn't sit there and watch him cry.  He stayed wrapped in that blanket until the end of the game.  Poor guy!

The trees in the woods are the first to have their leaves in the spring and the first to lose them in the fall.  It won't be long and there will be little icicles dripping from the branches.

Brady made cookies today all by himself.  I didn't touch a single thing.  He measured and poured everything himself.  The only things he did wrong, he put two tablespoons of vanilla instead of two teaspoons...and instead of spooning the flour into the measuring cup, he dipped the measuring cup into the flour causing it to be too compacted...too much flour.  Still I stayed back, let him do his thing.  I figured I would educate after he tasted his cookies.

A little on the fluffy side.  They still taste pretty good.  He added white and chocolate chips.  They were just a little on the dry side but still totally edible.  Great job Brady!  Not many 10-year old boys can bake cookies from start to finish and have them be something someone can eat.  I love that he loves to bake.  Cody is still only interested in eating batter and licking beaters.

We did lego night in Cody's room tonight.

Cody's car.

Mom's car.

Brady's car.

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