Sunday, May 20, 2012

Salsa and baseball

Happy Sunday, Brady is still very tired but is coming along.  He made it out of the house today over to grandma and grandpa's for a visit.  He's been on the couch since he got home resting.  He thinks tomorrow he might be able to make it through school but won't be able to play in his baseball game.  He would like to try and go watch some of it though.  We'll take treats for his team and do that.

My good friend Katie told me about this fresh salsa last summer.  It's such a simple recipe to follow and using my chopper I got from Pampered Chef has made it even easier to make.

I have roughly chopped up the red pepper.  You can use orange instead of the yellow if you'd like.  I just bought the color that was cheapest at the grocery store.  The only thing missing from this picture is the 8 roma tomatoes you'll add to the salsa as well.  When Katie made it, she added a can of corn and a can of black beans.  It's really good with or without.  I put 3 cloves of minced garlic into the salsa and about 2 Tbs of lime juice.  The salt is up to you.  I don't measure the salt.  I take some chips and start tasting it until you've reached the taste you want.  Oh it's so good, so refreshing...and so addicting.

You can chop it as chucky or fine as you want.  Again, it's personal preference.

It's even better the next day after it's sat in the juice and salt.  It's yummy!

Brady started baseball this spring already.  Of course with being sick, he missed his games this week.  He played against one of his really good friends, Zachary.  They love so many of the same things and get along really well.

Brady's team beat Zach's this game but we'll see about the next time.  They will play each other 3 times this summer I believe.  Cody and Zach's brother Logan had to get into the picture as well.

Those 4 boys together equals a crazy fun time!  They will play and wrestle for hours until they are soaked from sweat or someone is bawling from getting hurt.  9 times out of 10, it's Cody bawling from getting hurt.  Then he comes to his momma for a quick hug and a drink of water and back he goes to join the crazy fun time again.

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